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Special Fruit is always in for something new. A few years ago, we met the latest masterpiece from Fresh Forward Breeding. Calinda is a very flavourful winter variety of strawberry. This strawberry found its way to many European shelves last year. The plants are currently getting a lot of sun and warmth to produce the finest fruits in early 2017. We asked our Purchase Director, Ben Maes, what we can expect from the 2017 season.

What’s so special about Calinda?

Calinda’s durability has been specially developed to suit the most demanding European trade channels. A reliable supply throughout the entire growing season is guaranteed by carefully selected and instructed Mediterranean growers.

What are the main evolutions compared to last year?

Growth in volume, hectares, and number of partners we work with are the biggest changes. We will work with 5 million kilograms in the next season.

What about the zero-residue growth?

Together with specialists at Zeyra and some capable nurseries, we are working on experiments designed to further reduce residues soon. The goal: zero-residue certification. Initial test results are extremely promising, and the produce obtained in this way will be brought to market by several deeply involved retailers.

Will there be some changes this year?

Our main packaging, the 400-g, had a striking carton sleeve with some storytelling, a recipe, and food pairing suggestions. Both retailers and consumers liked it very much. But they also encouraged us to find a solution with less packaging material that was equally appealing and informative because packaging (waste) reduction is a concern for everybody. We are always in for a challenge, and we did come up with something that we believe is just as great. Maybe even better… we will show you the samples very soon, so be ready for a small surprise!

What’s the status at this moment?

We finished planting the strawberries at the end of October. To get more information on the growth evolution, we invested in a weather station that measures the temperature and the humidity. This will give us better insights into production volumes.


Shopper study


Together with The Retail House, we did a shopper study among Swedish consumers, just because of the fact we are a little curious here at Special Fruit. And of course, we love compliments, too. ;-) More than 180 consumers tasted the Calinda strawberry and gave us their opinion. What were the key lessons learned?

  • 80% of the shoppers were women,

  • Almost 25% eat strawberries daily during the winter,

  • More than 70% eat this delicacy in its purest form, a brief wash and that’s all it needs,

  • More than 80% loved the taste of the Calinda and almost the same percentage couldn’t think of anything bad when it comes to the Calinda.

Some comments from customers on the Calinda strawberry:

  • Such a great taste and they look beautiful as well!

  • They should be organic! (they almost are ;-))

We are happy with the results! Would you like to taste them too? Please send an email to to request your Calinda sales sample today!


Special Fruit and Food Pairing

Special Fruit started a collaboration with FOODPAIRING, an online tool that helps you discover new flavour combinations in seconds. They analysed our Calinda strawberry on a molecular level and determined the aroma profile. A strawberry contains a few dozen different aromas. However, in reality, only a couple of aromas stand out clearly and determine that precise strawberry smell. An algorithm calculates how well a strawberry matches with other products. Our Calinda matches well with chocolate (of course), parmesan, and basil. So, we came up with a very simple but delicious recipe that you’ll find below. Would you like to know more about this tool? Or would you like to get some more FOODPAIRING recipes? Then please don’t hesitate to contact Koen Maes at or check out


Calinda & Parmezan : the perfect match


100 g strawberries

125 g cherry tomatoes (different varieties)

A few basil leaves

40 g Parmesan shavings

One tablespoon of olive oil

½ tablespoon of balsamic vinegar


  • Cut the strawberries in 4

  • Cut the cherry tomatoes in half

  • Mix them together, season with pepper

  • Add olive oil and balsamic vinegar, mix

  • Finish with basil leaves and Parmesan shavings

Recipe created by www.


Are you excited about the calinda? You can enjoy it in person at Fruit Logistica

Come and taste the full flavour of this premium strawberry at our Fruit Logistica stand. Just one bite and you will know: this is everything a strawberry should be. Sweet, juicy, fragrant, a lingering aromatic aftertaste! It’s nothing short of a mouth-watering experience. If you would like to discover everything about the Calinda, we have a little surprise for you at our booth at Fruit Logistica in Hall 6 > D.12. See you there!