Berry Packing Services

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Our hub in Holland

Berry Packing Services is a joint venture between 2 growers and Special Fruit favorably located in Venlo near the Dutch and German border. Via this central hub, our packed berries are directly transported to customers in Germany and the UK. The first grower is Blueberry Garden with 22 hectares of blueberry cultivation in Dutch Limburg.

They grow varieties such as Blue Crop, Ozark Blue and Duke. The second grower is Schrijnwerkers, with a blueberry cultivation of 28 hectares, mainly Blue Crop ans Elliot. Berry Packing Services has a strong partnership with two extra growers, Blueberry Giant and Van Rens & Harmsma. Together they give us a volume of more than 2. 500.000 kgs of the best blueberries between the end of June and September.

All our growers have some decennials of expertise and offer GlobalGAP certified berries. The packing station packs your favorite berries in the packaging you desire, from punnets to buckets, from our own label to your label.

Contact us :

Berry Packing Services BV • Venrayseweg 102C, 5928 RH Venlo • The Netherlands • Tel. +31 77 765 00 00 •