Our partners

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Our business partners

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. There are no fruit companies that can do it all by themselves. So Special Fruit has always invested a lot of time and attention in business relations. Relations that help us achieve our mission as we help them achieve theirs. 

The most important Special Fruit partners are:


Special Fruit has a collaboration with this Portuguese berry growers organization. It

concerns the production and commercialization of the popular raspberry varieties Kwanza and Kweli from the Dutch breeder Advanced Berry Breeding (ABB).


The Berrybrothers family business specialises in the cultivation and marketing of soft fruit, with the focus on and a great passion for redcurrants.

Royal Berry, VG Berries and Summer Berry

A company founded by grower Jan Van Genderen, located in the horticultural area of Bergerden in the province of Gelderland (NL). They have 11.7 horticultural hectares of strawberries under glass.


Focusses on production/packaging and export of fruit and vegetables. Fair-Fruit is owned by Durabilis, a Belgian organisation that invests in agricultural projects with a sustainable impact.



We are supported by a team of expert Product Managers in Peru for asparagus.

Van Rens

Our partner in Holland for our organic blueberries. They own 16 hectares of blueberries in different varieties such as Duke and Draper and Liberty.


Soft Fruits Belgium