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Organic blueberries ... healthy and superb!

Our grower in Grandola, Mirtisul, specializes in organic blueberries, of which he has 14 hectares for production of 5 total varieties: Sharp Blue, Misty, O’Neill, Georgia Gem, and Star. Mirtisul is the main producer of organic blueberries in Portugal, ideally located in the hilly area of Grândola, which boasts plenty of water and a perfect climate. The company is fully owned by Special Fruit, because we believe that blueberries, and particularly organic blueberries, are the future.

Worldwide consumers favor blueberries for their wide health advantages, and with good reason. We therefore consider it essential to grow the fruit organically. Healthy fruit can only be really healthy when it is not sprayed with chemicals....

The harvest is done completely by hand, with several passes over each bunch in order to pick only those berries that are completely ripe.  The fruit is placed in punnets while still in the field in order to minimize manipulation.