Calinda's coming to town

Calinda's coming to town

This week the first Calinda strawberries arrive at the packing station in Huelva. The well-known variety with a balanced combination of great flavor, beautiful shape and long shelf life - is gaining the trust of more and more growers in Huelva. This season Calinda is now the fourth largest variety in the total strawberry crop.

At the end of December, Special Fruit will officially start the seventh Calinda season. We then expect the first limited volumes of the tastiest strawberry our partner growers have to offer. Special Fruit is the launching partner of the Calinda variety and through years of cooperation and expertise, 2022 promises to be another great strawberry season. We are already looking forward to a crunchy period of top strawberries that will approach the volume of 5 million kilos.

Also this year, IFAPA took a close look at Spanish strawberries. The Calinda variety - compared to other Huelva varieties - again emerged as the healthiest. It contains the highest amount of vitamin C and antioxidants. So the strawberry not only possesses a deep red iconic shape, a sweet, juicy taste, but turns out to be super healthy as well.

To summarize all the benefits of Calinda :


- Intense, sweet taste

- Beautiful shape & color

- Firm bite with soft & juicy flesh

- Long shelf life: less wastage = more profit

- The healthiest Huelva variety

- Integrated supply chain under the coordination of Special Fruit Spain and Belgium