Special fruit continues to pull the sustainability card

The environmental impact of the fruit trade can be considerable, especially in areas without thorough knowledge of the long-term effects around pest control, pesticides, waste minimization and energy conservation.

We see it as our task to educate producers in this regard and to support them in introducing more environmentally friendly production and logistics. To this end, we follow an initiative approved by the European Commission and called CHAIN OEF (Organization Environmental Footprint), which is also supported by several major market leaders and retailers.

In addition, we have joined the Belgian Alliance for Climate Action to play a key role with other Belgian companies in reducing global emissions and thus taking the lead in climate action.

Each year, Special Fruit also receives a score that reflects our progress made on climate change or water management. This objective score is given by the CDP. This is a non-profit organization that serves as the gold standard for environmental reporting from an international network of companies and cities. More information can be found here.