Mango Nam Dok Mai

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Mango Nam Dok Mai

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Mango Nam Dok Mai


In the shop: 10-14°C
At home: keep at room temperature, don’t wait too long to eat the mango after purchase.

Quality and ripeness

The fruit is golden, yellow coloured and oval shaped with a pointed top. It should feel slightly -soft when ripe.


Even before cutting, the mango has a very intense and lovely, honey like smell. The flesh fulfils all the expectations: it´s firm, without fibre and it has a sweet taste. It is very juicy and has a silky structure. Compared to the normal mango, the Nam Dok Mai is much sweeter. 
The sweetness makes it a perfect addition to all sorts of desserts but of course it is equallly delicious on its own.

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personalised packaging available by request

Box Caliber

Box Caliber

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