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Flexibility is key
Operations at our Meer logistic centre are uniquely flexible. Large orders for national supermarket chains are just as easily accommodated as the pin-point precise requirements of exclusive specialist stores. In both cases, packaging, controlling and labelling of shipments are performed real-time in quick response to orders as they come in.

In recent years, the activities of our production department have increased significantly, as more and more orders require custom-made handling procedures. Over 60% of the products that we import now pass through our production department where they are repacked, labelled or sorted
Packaging is very much a matter of customisation. Just tell us your preferences and we will ensure they are met. Large or small, practical or luxurious, traditional or innovatively up-market: we are always happy to discuss a multitude of options with you.

The labelling and printing capabilities of our 8 versatile printing units are a case in point: able to meet even the most unexpected customer requirements. For example: our own BerryFresh labels - we recently redesigned the entire packaging line for our berry range - are both transparent and double-sided!
Innovation is the key to market success -and to healthy margins. Special Fruit is continuously optimising processes and procedures, as part of our on-going efforts to ensure rapid throughput without any sacrifice to quality.    

One of the ways to achieve this relies on a new generation of weighing devices that are accurate to within a tenth of a gram, and provide immediate feedback to our packaging operators: coloured leds on their displays clearly show the action required (adding or removing product).  By connecting all such work stations to our central operating system by means of tailor-made software, not only the weighing processes but also product switches on the production line are easily implemented and managed.  The result: improved efficiency and top-notch process quality, including guaranteed weights and automatic volume registration.
Ready to Eat
An important element in our production processes is the controlled ripening of mangoes and avocados in special ripening cells.  A team of in-house ripening specialists controls the whole process from start to finish to ensure ready-to-eat ripeness and optimum shelf life.
Once the fruit is at precisely the right degree of ripeness, it passes through a specialised sorting machine that simultaneously evaluates three different product characteristics: weight, internal coloration and ripeness.
In this way we can deliver mangoes and avocados to each of our customers in perfect condition, and at precisely the pre-arranged degree of ripeness.
Berry Packing Services
BPS is a joint investment by growers and Special Fruit that aims not only to optimise the match between production and market demands, but also to bring growers and retailers together on common ground.
Berry Packing Services can provide full automatic sorting and packing of berries in a variety of forms: (resealable) topseal, lidding, shakers, from as little as 100 grams to many kilograms…. all in accordance with the wishes of each individual retailer. The service operates year-round.
Our people: the key to quality
In our production department we employ 100 to 150 people, working on a daily basis and adapting to fluctuations in workload and customer demands.
Always on the look-out for improvements in quality and efficiency, Special Fruit  recently introduced the 5S system, to efficiently control our production in each of 5 steps whichall begin with the letter S:Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain.
Employee initiative is vital in realising improvements in each of these areas. And so far, the results are encouraging.   
Admittedly, technology is essential in running a business that consistently operates during 16 out of every 24 hours. But technology is just the beginning.  Dedicated, competent and motivated associates are at least as important. The men and women who rise to the challenge, accept the responsibility and deliver the quality expected of Special Fruit are the backbone of our company, and are valued accordingly.
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