Calinda, the tastiest strawberry from Spain

Calinda, the tastiest strawberry from Spain

The beginning of the year 2023 also means the start of the season of the tastiest flavored strawberry, Calinda. Until the beginning of June we can enjoy the highest quality premium strawberry variety the Mediterranean countries have to offer. Special Fruit decided to increase production for the seventh time in a row, simply because the sweet strawberry is winning over more and more customers. So this spring we can look forward to volumes approaching 6 million kilos.


Calinda also owes its quality and taste to the region where it is grown. The plants grow in excellent conditions in 3 different regions of Huelva, Spain, to spread cultivation risks.


- The Doñana region of Almonte - El Rocío.

- Lucena-Moguer-Palos.

- The west coast of Cartaya - Lepe.


Although Huelva is a small region - from Almonte to Lepe is a distance of less than 100 km - different microclimates prevail with one common factor : Special Fruit selects only top growers whose only goal is : to grow a quality tasting strawberry. 


For the third time in a row, the annual study by Carmen Soria Navarro of IFAPA confirms that Calinda - compared to other Huelva varieties - emerges as the healthiest variety. It contains the highest amount of vitamin C and antioxidants. Thus, the strawberry not only possesses a deep red iconic shape, a sweet, juicy taste, but also turns out to be super healthy. Ideal for the winter months!


To summarize all the benefits of Calinda :


- Intense, sweet taste

- Beautiful shape & color which are also top after transportation

- Firm bite with soft & juicy flesh

- Long shelf-life: less wastage = more profit

- And last but not least: healthy for everyone