October = sustainability month

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October = sustainability month

Plastic is used every day by millions of people, so it must have some positive points. To give a guideline on our average usage, one million plastic bottles of water are purchased every minute across the world.

At Special Fruit, our reliance on plastic packaging comes down to some advantages it has such as : it’s hygienic, lightweight, flexible and durable. But plastic is a little bit too durable. We all know the stories or videos on social media of innocent animals dying due to the careless actions of humans.

Special Fruit can’t ignore the disadvantages of plastic and wants to reduce the single use plastic that most of the time ends up as waste (in the environment). Consumers today actively choose for brands and retailers that share their concerns about reducing packaging, so we need to take this seriously and acknowledge the need to shift away from single use plastic to packaging that is reusable, recyclable or compostable.

Our team searched for some more durable alternatives to plastic. After some tests and investigations, we’ve decided to start using card trays instead of plastic trays. This changeover has a positive impact on some figures :


  • Less plastic use: 48 tons less plastic on a year
  • Logistic optimization: 5 -10 % more product in a truck
  • This also has positive side-effect: less trucks à less CO² impact à better for the environment and for the €€€€€

 We realize that paper and card also have an impact on the environment, but we will keep looking for creating ways to reduce the use of both plastic and cardboard.

Because also (recycled) plastic packaging solutions can create positive impact on the product and the environment. Our key message: “packaging reduction without affecting product quality”


You’re always welcome to give us your feedback. Together we can make this world a cleaner place.