Special Fruit partners up with SIFAV2025

Special Fruit partners up with SIFAV2025

The companies united in the Sustainability Initiative Fruit and Vegetables (SIFAV), as set-up and hosted by IDH the Sustainable Trade Initiative, have launched their new sustainability strategy for 2025. Special Fruit is proud to announce that it is among these companies to actively contribute to a more sustainable fresh fruit and vegetables supply chain for the European market.

The new ambitions focus on reducing the environmental footprint across the supply chain, improving working conditions, wages and incomes, and strengthening due diligence reporting and transparency.

The SIFAV-partners have set out joint sustainability ambitions and an action plan towards 2025. By joining forces, companies can achieve more than the sum of their individual efforts. As a pioneer, SF signed the first covenant together with several retailers, brands, traders and other supporting parties back in 2012.The value of this partnership has proven itself throughout the past 8 years and is now followed up by SIVAF2025.

Special Fruit as a company and as a team commits to the following sustainability targets towards 2025:


  • 25% food waste reduction in 3 key products
  • 25% CO2 reduction in 3 key products
  • Perform water audits in countries where water is scarce


  • Social audits in 90% of our purchase from risk countries

Accelerate transparency and continuous improvement:

  • Implementing robust accurate processes, as foundation to achieve positive social and environmental impact in their Fruit & Veg supply chains 
  • Jointly and individually reporting on risks and progress on an annual basis from 2022 onward.

By setting these clear targets, SIFAV is a driver of action. With now the first 25 partners committed, the time is right to publicly launch the 2025 strategy and reach out to the sector with an invitation to join forces as Bert Barmans, CEO from Special Fruit points out:

“Special Fruit and the growers we work with live from nature. Its products provide us with jobs and the vitamins essential for a healthy life. As a family business, we are committed to the social well-being of everyone involved in our business and we aim to be nature's biggest supporter. We owe it to future generations to take care of people and nature. We cannot do this alone and it will have to happen step by step. SIFAV2025 offers us the ideal framework to further concretise and realise our goals. We are entering into this commitment with great enthusiasm.”