First Fruit & Multiberry

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Our partners in Odemira


Multiberry is a joint venture between Special Fruit and Gijs Hoogendoorn, owner of First Fruit.

 Multiberry is the exclusive supplier of Kwanza and Kweli plants. In Portugal the Mediterranean and Atlantic climate blend together seamlessly, a climate that is perfect for Kwanza and Kweli, two raspberries that are ideally suited to the local climate, and perfect for year-round production and sun-ripening, even in mid-winter. Add to that a delicious taste and long shelf life, and you are guaranteed great sales potential.

First Fruit specializes in plant propagation and own research. The company is located in Odemira in the province of Alentejo. Research focusses on fertilization, evaluating new varieties, cultivation, etc. First Fruit also produces fruit: 14 hectares of tunnels, with raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and red berries.