Bio Organic Goodness

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Bio Organic Goodness

The share of organic blueberries compared to conventional ones has grown considerably at Special Fruit. Right now, 12 per cent of our blueberries are organic compared to four to five per cent four years ago. We’ve seen total consumption of blueberries rising, but organic is rising proportionally, and even more rapidly. Special Fruit paid much attention to organic blueberries in the past period, and we’re now seeing many supermarkets carrying organic besides conventional blueberries in their range.


100% organic

Special Fruit has a plantation with organic blueberries in Grandola, Portugal. The farm grows 100 % organically, and has 17 hectares of blueberries in total. We think it’s important the organic blueberries are of high quality, and we’re at this level with the blueberries. Organic quality is often a bit poorer, but we’re striving to be equal or even better than conventional. 

The availability of blueberries across the world is very big. This means greenhouse production of blueberries will gradually disappear. Greenhouse production is much too expensive, and the supplement price of greenhouse blueberries will become much too low. Considering the changing weather, we’ll see some things changing in the production of blueberries. The weather is becoming more extreme with rain and hail. Growers will have to cover their fields to protect their harvest.