Special Fruit Newsletter : the exotics edition

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Special Fruit Newsletter : the exotics edition

For more than 20 years years now, Lieve Michielsen has been an established figure at Special Fruit. She started at the beginning of Special Fruit and specialized after some years in the purchase of exotics coming from everywhere around the world. This makes her the right woman to ask a few questions of which exotics are really making a statement in the next couple of months.


Why do exotic fruits come to the forefront more during this end of year?

 While people enjoy passionfruit, pomegranate, and papaya all year long, we also have some typical December hits. Sales of tamarillo, figs, carambola, baby pineapple, pitahaya (dragonfruit), and litchi double, and even sometimes quadruple, in the last month of the year. These stars not only taste good, they look beautiful on the holiday table or around the fondue pot. Plus, they are increasingly being worked into dessert buffets to add a touch of the exotic to the entire festivities.


Are we meeting this need with our BestChoice range of exotic fruits?

Yes, we do and at the same time, we are also encouraging curious consumers to make the holiday season healthy, fair, and extra festive.

Many consumers (still) don’t know  that our exotics have made quite a long, sustainable journey before they wind up on the holiday menu? That’s correct, in signing the Sustainability Initiative Fruits and Vegetables (Sifav) 2020 covenant, an IDH initiative, Special Fruit is aiming to make the import of these fruits sustainable. This means that our farmers are audited on environmental and food safety aspects, and a check of the social working conditions is carried out. The majority of our volume is now from sustainable production. The company also takes initiatives concerning packaging and continuously tests different types of sustainable packaging. This way, the story is sustainable from beginning to end. Just the way we likes it.


Ready-to-eat … exotics which have become mainstream

When we talk about exotics, we can’t miss our ready-to-eat assortment. They really are our number 1 in exotic fruits. We only see increasing figures in this category. The fact that we supply them ripe has certainly helped. At Special Fruit we didn’t only double the number of ripening rooms, we also invested in qualitycheck controlling machines for both  mango and avocado. All these investments were necessary to keep up with the actual demand of good quality ripened fruit.


Which trends do we see in exotic fruits?

Pineapples are everywhere these days, you’ll find them on sweaters, as jewelry or you find them in notebooks. But what are the trends in consumption of these fruits? Retailers expand their range of exotics year after year. It brings excitement in their category, it colours it up and attracts many kinds of consumers. Exotic fruit is in that way a traffic builder. Less known is the fact that these fruits are very healthy too. And that’s the main trend in food.

Taste & learn in our Academy

As an exotics specialist, we have a Special Fruit Academy, founded especially for rayon chefs. In a few hours time they get to know everything about usage, storage needs, flavour combination and growth of every kind of exotic fruit. Are you interested in following an exotics or berries training, please send us a mail (sarah.hellemans@specialfruit.be)


Are you excited about the sustainable way we are importing our exotics? We can tell you all about it at Fruit Attraction this week!

Our Special Fruit team is attending the fair in Madrid. You can stop by to have some wonderful Spanish jamon with a red wine or to have a talk with some of our team members. Or you can have both and get informed all the way. You will find our booth in the first hall at the entrance. Olé. So, see you at Fruit Attraction in Hall 10 > 10C06.