Dear partner,

The Covid-19 virus is spreading again through Europe at a high pace. At Special Fruit, we put your health and that of our employees and families first.

The management of Special Fruit has opted to implement a number of extra actions with immediate effect in order to reduce the risk of coronavirus infection at all our affiliates (Special Fruit Belgium, Special Fruit Spain & Berry Packing Services). Next to that, we will make every effort to guarantee an optimal service for our customers and our suppliers.

Most important measures taken until further notice :

  • Most employees work from home, although there remains a physical presence at the office. All your contacts should be reachable by mobile phone, but certainly by mail.

  • Social distancing is the guiding principle for employees who ensure that our healthy products can still be received or delivered.

  • Our operational and quality teams try to work in different shifts as much as possible, so that mutual contact is excluded to the maximum.

  • External quality inspectors and visitors are no longer admitted to the building, nor are truck drivers who come to load or unload.
  • Mondmasks are mandatory for all standing or walking persons.
Product availability
Because there are quite a few restrictions in international air traffic and because of the many measures taken to protect growers in the field, we are confronted with some challenges in order to distribute our products as quickly as possible.

Business continuity
We do what we can to keep our service at the level you are used to from us. Special Fruit will provide additional stocks (where applicable) to reduce the potential impact of supply chain disruptions.

Finally, we'd like to show our sympathy to everyone who's already been affected by this virus. We must count on the unbridled efforts of healthcare workers, scientists and the governments who are doing everything in their power to fight the virus. And we may not forget all the food heroes, who are doing their upmost to get safe and healthy products to the customers.

Kind regards,

Special Fruit management team
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