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Berry Packing Services
Strenghtening links between growers and retailers
Schrijnwerkers and Blueberry Garden are two major blueberry growers with long years of experience. Together with several smaller growers they own more than 120 hectares of blueberry fields on the Dutch/German border. Every year, they produce 1,000 tonnes of delicious, high-quality blueberries of new varieties, including Duke, Draper, Liberty and Aurora. 

These two major growers were on the lookout for a sales and marketing partner to help them optimise the packaging and marketing of their products.
Schrijnwerkers and Blueberry Garden joined forces with Special Fruit, which has years of experience in the world of berry marketing and sales. This resulted in a joint investment, Berry Packing Services, aiming not only to optimise production and market demand, but also to bring growers and retailers closer together.
a modern packing station
Fully automated sorting and packing
A modern packing station for soft fruits was built and is now fully operational. Berry Packing Services provides fully automated sorting and packing, from (resealable) top-seals to lids, shakers etc. for packages of various sizes, ranging from 100 g to several kilos, year-round.
Complete supply chain management
Diversity and flexibility
Diversity and flexibility are key in a packing facility. Therefore, Berry Packing Services offers complete supply chain management, including cooling, storing, sorting, packing and transport preparation. It boasts an excellent location in Venlo, right at the Dutch/German border, guaranteeing a very short chain from field to packing station and facilitating direct transport to customers in Germany and the UK. Berry Packing Services is the central hub for all of Europe!
Year-round supply
BRC and IFS certified
What’s more, all berries are perfectly tailored to the retailers’ needs and to market demands, including early and late-season varieties cultivated to the highest of standards. Combined with Special Fruit’s own production units in Portugal and the products imported outside the Northern European season we can guarantee a year-round supply of excellent blueberries to retailers.

Last but not least, Berry Packing Services is BRC- and IFS-certified, yet another example of our commitment to quality.

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