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Consumers look for the best taste, and they keep coming back after a tasty experience. Therefore, we believe that the key to success in the berry business is taste.  That is why we are building strategic alliances with leading growers who share our consumer-oriented vision. By extending our worldwide network of the best growers and investing in our own production in Portugal, we will be able to supply retailers with special and tasteful varieties year-round.

We know Portugal offers optimal conditions for high-quality, tasty berries. In combination with our own packaging centre in Spain, close to the Portuguese border, this enables us to react quickly and flexibly and maintain an optimum quality.
our own kwanza production
Kwanza: the raspberry jewels
Kwanza is a premium variety, a firm, large raspberry (8-12g) with a beautiful red color, a good shelf life and an excellent taste. In consumer panel tests, the Kwanza received excellent scores on taste and appearance.

Special Fruit holds a license for growing Kwanza in Portugal. We currently grow it on our own production sites, and we are developing a network of partner growers for this tasty variety.  We work with only the best growers to produce this premium raspberry.

Production is from October through July. Volumes are going up to 5000 kg per week with a peak from mid-May through early July.
Special Fruit invests in own production
We grow organic blueberries in Portugal
In Grandola, Portugal, we grow 14 hectares of organic blueberries of 5 total varieties: Sharp Blue, Misty, O’Neill, Georgia Gem, and Star.

Worldwide consumers favor blueberries for their wide health advantages, and with good reason. We therefore consider it essential to grow the fruit organically.

The harvest is done completely by hand, with several passes over each bunch in order to pick only those berries that are completely ripe.  The fruit is placed in punnets while still in the field in order to minimize manipulation.  
My name is ???
Special Fruit, together with a partner breeder, is developing an exciting new strawberry cultivar. 450,000 plants have been planted already.

At Fruit Logistica, we will give you the opportunity to see and taste this exclusive new fruit for the first time.  

Why choosing organic?
Eating organically grown foods is the only way to avoid excess plant protection products.

Organically grown foods have more nutrients.

Organically grown foods generally taste better.

Organic food preserves our ecosystems.
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