The power of logistics

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The power of logistics

When importing fruit produce, a location near prominent ports is clearly an advantage. When wholesaling local fruit produce, a location near the areas of production is desirable. And when distributing such produce throughout Europe, a location convenient to air hubs, road nodes and inland shipping options is to be preferred. Add up all those different requirements, and only a few suitable places remain. Meer in Belgium is without a doubt one of those places: close to the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam, close to the Hoogstraten production area and in the vicinity of the main aerial routes, roads and inland shipping centres.  So there we are.

Our Meer logistic centre is uniquely flexible in its operation. Large orders for national supermarket chains are just as easily accommodated as the small specialist requirements of some of Europe's finest restaurants. Our in-house bonded warehouse allows us to take care of our own customs clearances and generate our own export documents without any delays. That saves time, money and aggravation. 

Our own logistic department manages a network of international carriers. Carriers with vehicles that meet the stringent requirements associated with perishables. Our logistics specialists know exactly who can deliver which services and at what prices and service levels.  They also know the reliability and punctuality data for each supplier. The result: we can reach any spot in Europe within 48 hours. All important centres can even be serviced within 24 hours. So we can confidently guarantee fresh deliveries. 

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