30 years of expertise

We are located in Belgium, at the European intersection of sea, air and land trade routes, midway between the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. We supply our superior berries, exotics, special vegetables and an assortment of specialties to shop owners, supermarket chains, hotels, caterers and other large consumers throughout Europe.

Facts and figures

  • We have 11,500 m2 of storage with variable, energy efficient and sustainable cooling.
  • We employ 180 internationally-oriented staff members, specialised in logistics, fruit handling, sales, finance and quality control.  
  • We have two fully-equipped facilities: our headquarters in Belgium and our subsidiary in Spain
  • Our turnover (2022) is in excess of € 161 million, and increasing steadily. 
  • Our customer base currently spans 28 countries 
  • Our suppliers are found in all six continents 
  • We believe in long-term relationships at both ends of our chain: supply and demand. 

Our mission

We want to contribute to a healthy lifestyle and vital ageing by offering carefully grown fruit and vegetables, ecologically sound and fresh every day for everyone to enjoy!