Our Corporate Social Responsability in a nutshell

Special in social responsibility

The supply chain for fruit is complex, and not always balanced. We believe it is our responsibility to actively help those links in the chain that need empowerment, and to support those unable to fend for themselves. As members of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), we help improve working conditions, support workers rights and improve labour standards wherever we operate.

We use the BSCI methodology to screen suppliers, and engage in multiple partnerships with like-minded organisations and international bodies. We believe high standards of social responsibility are, ultimately, in the interests of all links in the supply chain, from production workers to consumers, and that these standards deserve both our moral and financial support.

Special in sustainability

The environmental impact of fruit trade can be significant, particularly in rural areas without a proper understanding of long-term issues surrounding fertilisation, pesticides, waste control and energy conservation.

We see it as our task to educate producers in these areas and to support them in introducing environmentally friendly production and logistics. We encourage our partners in the value chain to do the same.

That's why we signed the SIFAV covenant from IDH. The purpose of this covenant is to have production and trade of processed fruits and vegetables from Central and South America, Africa and Asia 100% sustainable by 2020.

Special in food safety

As more and more consumers discover new exotic food varieties, and as more and more producers discover the value of serving our western markets, new food safety risks can develop. To combat such undesirable effects, we adhere to the highest levels of compliance when it comes to international food safety standards, accepting European legislation as an absolute minimum.

Our Quality Management System is certified for Global GAP and conforms to the strict requirements of, amongst others, British Retail Consortium and International Food Standard. In our packaging facilities, all incoming products are routinely monitored for unwanted residues, and our Direct Sourcing procedures allow us to conform to any additional customer demands.