Packaging flexibility

Packaging is a matter of customisation. Just tell us your preferences and we will take care of it. Large or small, practical or luxurious, conventional or extraordinary: we are happy to discuss the almost endless possibilities with you. 

Packaging and dispatch

Packaging, protection and labeling of shipments are performed real-time in response to orders as they come in. Certain produce, such as mangos, needs and receives extra care at this stage. If necessary, they are individually wrapped and/or subjected to a special scan to determine their ripeness and internal quality. (Only Maf Roda machines can do this and there are just a few of them in Europe).

Timing is of the essence. Just-in-time preparation for line hauls is vital to customer satisfaction, as is the ability to adapt in mid-process to changing requirements, re-routing or external circumstances. One of the skills for which Special Fruit is best known is the ability to combine pre-arranged logistic precision with extreme flexibility when needed. 

See our product pages: each product page gives a summary of the available packages.