Why Special Fruit?

Why Special Fruit?

Quality, quality, quality.

Our philosophy is simple. First, we search the world to obtain the best produce nature has to offer. Then, we ensure the best transportation, the best storage, the best quality control, the best packaging, the best order picking and the best customer service.  All at competitive prices. The key to this philosophy is an operation that is small enough to provide each client with the personal attention they deserve, and large enough to be able to supply international retail organisations.   Another important aspect about our business model is that we constitute a family business, run by the Maes family.

Special fruit in action.

At Special Fruit, we know that our quality philosophy is easier said than done - especially when it comes to perishables. So we keep a strong focus on distribution and storage. We set high standards in terms of the professional competence of our 150 employees and forge long-term relationships within the supplying industries. We understand the importance of packaging, branding, innovating and focusing on the client.

In short: Great Fruit… and so much more