State-of-the-art warehousing

We have 11,500 m2 of storage space with variable temperature, all computer monitored.

In our warehouses, each delivery is entered into our ERP system (Navision) that ensures that the exact location and status of every item is known at all times.  

Our ULO (Ultra Low Oxygen) cooling cells are designed to slow down ripening processes by regulating the oxygen level. This is highly beneficial, for example for various types of berries that have an extremely short lifespan between ripening and spoiling.                                                                                                   

The role of innovation – and dedication… 

Innovation is the key to market success and to margin retention.  That’s why Special Fruit is permanently on the innovation trail.

But technology alone is not enough to keep a business that is used to operating 20 hours each day running. Dedicated staff is at least as important. We offer a challenging working environment. One of the challenges constitutes working in temperatures that facilitate storage of raspberries rather than the well-being of the human body. Let's say that it can get quite cold.

The men and women who take this responsibility constitute the key to the quality delivered by Special Fruit everyday.