Growing the future of berries

Special fruit cooperates with growers who together cultivate 170 hectares. This mainly concerns blueberries and raspberries, but also red currants, strawberries and blackberries. We specialise in supporting the search for the ideal varieties for each climate. That's how Calinda became one of our showpieces.

We know Portugal offers optimal conditions for high-quality, tasty berries. In combination with our own packaging centre in Spain, close to the Portuguese border, this enables us to react quickly and flexibly and maintain an optimum quality.

Skilled growers

Like us, our growers have a strong belief in Integrated Pest Management and organic growing methods, a firm commitment to certified residue-free production, a deep understanding of sustainability and a keen interest in innovation, guarantees the very best fruits. 

All of our highly professional growers are socially certified and fully comply with our non-stop quality control.

Like us, our growers believe in bringing together producers and retailers.