Corporate Social Responsibility

We are convinced that a high level of social responsibility is in the best interest of all stakeholders in the production chain; from growers to consumers and we also believe that these high standards deserve our moral and financial support.

Flexibility in packaging

Packaging is a matter of customisation. Special Fruit is known for its flexible and alert handling of (re-)packaging. Just tell us your preferences and we will take care of it.

Great Fruit... and so much more

Special Fruit is a worldwide importer of a wide-ranging but very particular assortment of fruit and vegetables: from strawberries and other berries to exotic fruit and vegetable specialities.

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Special Fruit Newsletter : the exotics edition

Special Fruit Newsletter : the exotics edition

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Fall in love with our fall products...&lb;&lb;Chinese Nashi pearsThe subtle taste of Asia, freshly harvested5 or 9 kg&lb;

Fall in love with our fall products... Chinese Nashi pears The subtle taste of Asia, freshly harvested 5 or 9 kg

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Newsletter : exotics

Special Fruit Newsletter : the exotic edition

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