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  • In a shop environment: min 0°C - max 2°C
  • Ethylene-sensitive: no
  • Ethylene-emitting: no
  • In the home: store in a dry, cool place

Baby corn will keep well for a few days in a refrigerator.

Quality and ripeness

  • The pale-yellow cobs are well-formed. They should not be too dry and woody.
  • Baby corn has yellow- to golden-coloured cobs without any fibres or bracts.
  • The grains are small in size, while the cob is nice and straight with a narrow flared point.
  • Once baby corn is ripe, a cream-coloured liquid is released from the grains when pressed.


Baby corn is a popular ingredient in Asian cooking, but it is a very easy vegetable to use and can be incorporated into both salads and wok dishes. It takes no time at all to rustle up a wok dish with beef, carrots, cauliflower and baby corn in sweet and sour sauce, or combine it with sesame oil and chilli peppers, for example. It can be cut into tiny pieces or eaten whole. To be eaten on the go, cooked or baked are just a few of the options available with this highly versatile vegetable.


Transport methods

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