Sweet potato

Sweet potato

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  • In the shop : min. 10°C – 16°C
  • Ethylene sensitivity: low
  • Ethylene productivity: low
  • At home: keep in a cool, dark place
  • The sweet potato will keep for up to a week in a cool place.

Quality and ripeness

  • The colour of the skin varies from light orange-brown to dark red-brown.
  • The red varieties have cream-coloured flesh, the brown ones have orange flesh.


The taste of the sweet potato is slightly sweet and herby. The sweet potato can be used in sweet and savoury dishes. They are usually boiled, fried or deep-fried. But they can also be consumed raw. Depending on your preference, they can be prepared with or without their skin. Sweet potato goes well in various soups, tagines, purées or gratin and grilled on a BBQ.

You can create an original vegetable snack with raw slices of sweet potato with a yoghurt-based dip. Sweet potato goes well in a stew of lamb, onion, tomato and zucchini. Complete the dish with pepper, salt and spring onion!


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