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  • In the shop : min 5 °C – max 10°C
  • Ethylene sensitivity: moderate
  • Ethylene productivity: low
  • At home: Will remain fresh for 3-4 weeks in the fruit compartment of the refrigerator

Quality and ripeness

Our supplier carefully sorts the fruits after harvest to guarantee premium quality. The fruit should have an  appealing green colour, a slight yellow shimmer and brown edges are ok. The fruit should not smell bad. Yellow isripe and tasty but shorter shelf-life. Green is not ripe and not tasty but has a longer shelf-life...


Cut in half, it is star-shaped with five distinct arms. The fruit is firm and crisp with a pleasant and refreshing sour taste. The carambola is consumed including the thin layer of skin. The edges can be trimmed. The fruit is often used as garnish, but can also be processed into chutneys, combines with both sweet and savoury (meat, fish).


There are several varieties, the one supplied by Special Fruit is variety B10, the best in the world.


Carambola is delivered by air and arrives here about 12 hours after packaging. Due to their vulnerability, they are wrapped in plastic or newspaper while still on the tree. 

Did you know that...

  •  they are said to help relieve high blood-pressure?
  •  the carambola's brix value is 12?
  •  the larger the fruit, the sweeter the taste?

Transport methods

Air Sea Land


Transport method
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