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  • In the shop: min. 6°C – max. 10°C
  • Ethylene sensitivity: low
  • Ethylene productivity: low
  • At home: Pomegranates stay fresh for 4 to 6 weeks when kept refrigerated and slightly shorter at room temperature. The seeds can be frozen.

Quality and ripeness

A pomegranate that feels heavy for its size is likely filled with juice. Select the ones that glow and ignore the fruits with a hard or dry skin.



The fruit can be squeezed for its juice, though a lot of flesh is lost in the process. There are tools available to knock the seeds out of the skin. The seeds can be consumed as is, or as decoration in sweet and savoury dishes.


known for its excellence sweet taste and appealing red colour, available almost year-round (US, Israel/Egypt, Spain, Greece, South-Africa, Peru and Chile).

Bagwa: a variety from India with a smaller fruit that is nice and round and has a sweet taste.

Acco: a variety from Israel with a slightly more sour taste and an appealing red colour, available when the Wonderful is not.

Herzkoviz: a variety from Israel with a mild sweet taste and an appealing red colour, available when the Wonderful is not.

Did you know that...

  • pomegranates are a symbol of fertility because of their large number of seeds but they also represent death because of the red colour inside?
  • pomegranates are a source of potassium and vitamin C but especially of polyphenols? Scientific research has shown that they contain about 3 to 4 times more polyphenols than red wine, grape juice or green tea.
  • pomegranate juice formed the original ingredient for grenadine?


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