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  • In a shop environment: min 8°C - max 12°C
  • Ethylene-sensitive: Moderate
  • Ethylene-emitting: Low
  • In the home: in a cool environment

Keep the pomelo outside the refrigerator in a well-ventilated room. It will dry out at low temperatures, and begin to spoil.

Quality and ripeness

  • The thick skin of the ripe fruit should be dull and pale green to yellow in colour.
  • The flesh of the ripe pomelo is white in colour.
  • The pomelo is round to pear-shaped.
  • A shiny white skin indicates that the fruit is not ripe.


The pomelo may taste rather tart, but it is sweeter than yellow grapefruit. The fruit's very thick skin is easy to peel. A pomelo can also be pressed, but this may be difficult as most fruit juicers are not big enough for the job. Cut it into small pieces and add it to green salad to create a delicious dish. Add some cherry tomatoes, spring onions and coriander to the salad to create a unique-tasting meal. The fruit can also be grilled. Sprinkle the flesh with sugar and then place it on a hot grill. The pomelo is also delicious as a cocktail combined with shrimps.

Did you know that…

  • the grapefruit is actually a cross between a pomelo and an orange?
  • it is thought to be an ideal fruit to help you lose weight, as it contains few calories and lots of nutrients? It also helps to lower blood pressure.

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